• Michael Roche

    Married with children . . . enough said.

  • For What It's Worth

    FCC Amateur Extra Class License W1WTC (formerly AA2LS)
    FCC General Radiotelephone License # PG-0215229
    Microsoft Certified Professional ID # 1997871

  • What I'm Doing Now

    I design and build many forms of communications systems and remote control of Industrial Equipment.
    I also work with an Electric Contractor in charge of the networking, phone, cable and fiber-optic systems,
    plus power & light as needed.

  • How Did I Get Here?

    I've worked on all things electric ever since I can remember, as a kid taking apart tube radios and TV sets,
    installing and repairing 2-way radios, building computers, and working on broadcast radio and TV transmitters.
    I have the distinction of having maintained the highest power tube output TV transmitter
    in the New York tri-state area - WNET TV Channel 13 was 25,000 Watts in the old analog days.

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